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Architectural Design Plan Drafting, Administrative Management, Marketing, I.T., Accounting, Master Carpenter

Posted: 06/16/2022

Are you interested in working for Orfield Design & Construction?
I have been running our fast-paced local company for the past 22 years. Being incorporated in 1978, we are well-established & award-winning! Adapting to the forced re-build post-covid with new personnel & functions. 
I am looking for the right persons desiring a challenging and rewarding position filled with long-term experience & ability to directly see the results of their work - not a cog in a conglomerate.
The qualities of the candidate would include being positive, stable, good-natured, open to learning existing & developing new processes. The most important qualities are multi-tasking, while remaining very organizeddetail-orientatedefficient, driven, self-sufficient and taking personal pride in quality work. Being trustworthy, honest & having a sense of humor is vital.
There are a variety of positions being offered, and many will cross over, therefore Architectural Design Plan DraftingAdministrative Management, MarketingI.T./technical knowledge &/or experience in accounting is welcome (but not necessary). The candidate must pass a background check & love dogs (My little office manager is a Lhasa Apso/Maltese & sleeps near my desk).
We are also looking for an individual interested in becoming a Master Carpenter in the Field – from Rough Framing to Finish Carpentry. This individual will work in clients' homes on job sites under the supervision of Master Carpenter, learning a lifetime of skills from a person who would like to eventually retire!
Dealing with various people in all areas of a project & ordering materials requires that the candidate shine in detailed written & verbal communication. The office staff should be proficient in Microsoft office 365 & Outlook, Word, Excel, & PowerPoint. It is an additional bonus to be familiar with Social Media functions, Web & marketing programs such as WordPress or at least be a quick learner.

I have found that a specific Job Description/Job Posting causes: a pigeonhole ": a neat category which usually fails to reflect actual complexities" and therefore doesn't actually give me a well-rounded, creative, hard-working individuals who care and desire to personally contribute to the direct reward of growing the company. 

Therefore, I've created the general overview in order to gauge candidates and move forward to create the positions that might best fit my expertise & needs. If people do what they do best, remain adaptable and open along with all other qualities, sometimes it results in a strong team built on individuals who have strengths where others are weak, making for a well-rounded company structure. I'm trying a new approach to the original work environment. Let's see what happens. If you would like to interview, I would love to meet with you!