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Novare Renovation & Design

Novare Renovation & Design


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About Us

Real Renovations for Real People…

Respect for Past, Passion for the Future
The philosophy of Novare Renovation & Design is a simple one: We are dedicated to making the old new again within your home. Our design-build approach is to thoughtfully enhance what you have by remodeling within the footprint of your existing space. We will give your space a renewed look, and a transformation, by using the existing areas, seamlessly.

Not Adding Space, But Creatively Borrowing it!
We employ outside-the-box ideas while working within the box. We consider how the new space will blend with the old so you have a unified home with character. At Novare, remodeling means working within what you already have. With our help, you will be able to make remodeling decisions with confidence.

Bring Passion to Each Project
Our passion is to work with homeowners interested in true quality, high standards, and value. The style of each home is a reflection of our client’s personalities, taste, and lifestyle.

Tim, our Project Coordinator, and Suzanne, our Spatial Designer, make up our team here at Novare. While some might see our size as a disadvantage, we think it’s one of our strengths because it allows us to truly be with you every step of the way, from the initial contact to final walk-throughs. At Novare Renovation & Design, our clients don’t get lost in the shuffle.


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