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Building Materials

About Us

Chateau Global is founded on over twenty four years of relationships around the world with some of the most reputable manufacturers in the construction industry.

Chateau Global’s vision is to bring unique and interesting products to add character and history to your project.

We offer...
-Reclaimed and manufactured wood flooring, wall panelling, and furniture from across Europe.
-The most unique decking material in the industry.
-Stone and brick from family owned company in Istanbul, Turkey.
-A family owned British heated towel dryers.

These products all have a story.

Let’s tell yours.


Gallery Image Weathered-Oak-Vintage-5.jpg
Gallery Image 6.-1.jpg
Gallery Image Limed-swimming-pool-3-min.jpg
Gallery Image Kew.jpg
Gallery Image driftwood-commercial-rt-min.jpg
Gallery Image Weathered-Oak-Vintage-1.jpg
Gallery Image Millboard-Enhanced-Grain-Golden-Oak-brand-image-3.jpg
Gallery Image Millboard-Enhanced-Grain-Smoked-Oak-smoked-oak-with-bullnose.jpg