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NARI-MN Board of Directors Diversity Statement


As with many Americans, NARI MN has deep concerns about the recent events in Minneapolis and across the country.  While we are horrified by the senseless death of George Floyd, we in no way condone violence or destruction of property.  The reaction around the state, country, and world has caused us to examine what we, as an association, can do to help alleviate inequities in our economic systems.  We realize that we must not passively wait for the actions of others but must be part of the solution.  We would like to expand on an earlier statement from our NARI MN President, that personal growth and expansion of our networks are essential to the long-term success of our organization, our local remodeling industry, and our communities at large.

The Board of Directors of the Minnesota Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry voted to adopt a diversity outreach initiative.  This will take the form of reaching out to communities and organizations outside of NARI MN to broaden the diversity of NARI MN and to provide greater opportunities in the remodeling industry for all people regardless of race, religion, gender, or any other identity whatsoever. 
Our diversity initiatives will include:
a.  Task force – immediate – to fill the acute need for action now in our community.  Work from the task force may include rebuilding & repair efforts, assisting with food drives, members who have been impacted in some way, developing a list or connection to resources, directing member “traffic” to ways they can help, and more.
b.  Diversity Outreach Subcommittee – long term – a subcommittee of the Membership Committee.  Outreach to all people, organizations, social, community, focusing on diversity of all kinds, to expand our exposure and funnel diversity into our organization.  This will include working with our Workforce Development Task Force, and outside partnerships approved by the Executive Committee and the Board.
c.  Diversity Awareness Programming – immediate and long term – awareness about sensitivity and active participation in lifting up marginalized people.  This will be an effort by the Programs & Education Committee, and in partnership with Membership Committee and Workforce Development Task Force.

The Board is excited about the effort to strengthen NARI MN and the remodeling industry by increasing diversity of all kinds. The Board recognizes that by expanding the effort to include people from different backgrounds in the profession, it is strengthening the industry and NARI MN. It is well documented that diversity in the workplace is a strength for businesses.  We believe that will be true for our association as well.
This effort is consistent with NARI’s stated values of being, “Diverse and respectful; inclusive of many views and dedicated to free expression.”  

Please contact the NARI MN office to learn more and to get involved.  We also encourage you to share any resources or ideas you may have about how NARI MN might be a positive voice for diversity going forward.

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